SEO Conferences in London for Advanced and Effective Mobile SEO

SEO Conferences in London for Advanced and Effective Mobile SEO

SEO conferences in London highlight not only the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) but also the give away to dominating trends in web marketing. One of the must-see topics of every beginner and expert in SEO is mobile SEO marketing. The increase in mobile users encourages SEO marketers to make their websites mobile-friendly and optimized for searching via apps.

With experts from London conferences to give you ideas on how effective mobile SEO is, you can easily proceed with strategies to integrate desktop and mobile SEO marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important for SEO Marketers         

Mobile marketing will widen the scope of your SEO marketing efforts. Through mobile phones, people tend to stay more connected and engaged real-time. According to reports, mobile users reach more than 70% of the population. With this given fact, you have to consider what the customers need – which is access to your content in their mobile phone wherever they are.

With people accessing their phones almost 24 hours a day, this gives you the chance to reach them better. Studies by IDC revealed that a person use their handphones an average of 195 minutes daily.

How Is Mobile SEO Applied to Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy in compliance to mobile SEO is initially done by making your website mobile-friendly. When you say mobile-friendly, it means your website does not need to be zoomed in or is readable in different sizes of smartphones or tablets.

Moreover, keyword research in desktop is different on mobile. Search engine giant Google is known for having its mobile index. In other words, it has a different list of queries made by people when searching through their smartphones. Last year, Google released its Search Quality Rating Guidelines for mobile users.

Mobile SEO is complex because you also have to use other tools to edit your site’s content and make it appropriate for mobile. To assist you in sorting out the difference of desktop and mobile SEO, attend SEO conferences in London to meet experts and learn.