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Clash Royale- How can chests be helpful in the game?

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It becomes easy to play and enjoy the game without putting in much effort and achieve what you want in the game. It is easy to win the game when you know hack Clash Royale tools and their features. Winning the matches is based on many things in the game. After you start winning the matches, you get different types of chests as a reward. These chests give back gold, new cards and gems that can be added to the battle deck.

Chests are available in different types with each of them having their rewards and contents. It entirely depends on the number of chests you open, which means the more number of chests you open the more number of strong cards you can access.

You can open chests by waiting for a fixed time before the chests unlock or you can also spend crystals in order to unlock chests immediately. If you buy chests at the Shop, they get unlocked immediately after the purchase.

Chest Order/Chest Cycle

There is a systematic order of the type of chests you get by winning the battles. The chances to win a Super Magical chest are quite less by winning the matches in the arenas. Another important thing to know is that you will not be skipping out any of the chests even if your chest collection is full and you cannot obtain more. You will pick from where you quit from to the next available chest once you begin and declare your victory in arenas.

At the training camp you will also get access to wooden chests after you win 6 times. Later, you won’t get any chests, even after playing over and over again in the training camp.

Knowing about the chests will certainly help you get rewards in the game.